Drawings For My Grandchildren

My dad is a 75-years-old retired Korean living in Brazil. His biggest joy and his daily routine were to take care of his two grandchildren while their parents went to work. Then, his grandchildren ended up moving from Brazil to Korea with their parents. This left my dad empty in his heart and without a meaningful routine in his life. This is when I had the idea he should draw for his grandchildren. In the beginning, he was reluctant, but he continue to do it. I told his story on a Facebook video and it went viral (5million views) and was featured on many media outlets (BBC, The Guardian, NBC, Today, NY Post, etc.). What was meant only for his grandchildren, his project took on a whole new life when it went viral. He has more than 350,000 followers on Instagram and at 75, he has a whole new career ahead of him making drawings for the new legions of hundreds of thousands of new grandchildren around the world.

Drawings for My Grandchildren Instagram page