Word Cup 2014


Uruguay’s best player Luis Suarez became infamous for biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini during the Uruguay x Italy match. Uruguay won the game outing Italy from the tournament. Suarez was suspended for nine Uruguay national games and banned from all football-related activities for four months. This was the 3rd time Suarez had bitten an opponent during a football match. 


In the quarter-final match between Brazil x Colombia, Neymar suffered a fracture in his lower back from a violent kick from Colombia’s Zuniga. Brazil beat Colombia in the penalty kicks, and was able to advance, but the celebration quickly turned into tragedy when the world learned Neymar was out for the rest of the World Cup.


Germany’s Mario Götze scored the winning goal in the overtime during the final match against Argentina, helping Germany win the World Cup championship for the 4th time. Götze was the happiest man on Earth on that day for sure.


Argentina’s Lionel Messi, the world’s best player, was unable to score during the World Cup final match against Germany and his team lost. It wasn’t Messi’s day. He even vomited during the 1st half.


Germany’s coach Joachim Loew is infamous for picking his nose (and sometimes eating the booger) during the matches.


USA’s Tim Howard became famous for his brilliant performance of 16 saves during the USA x Belgium match, most saves by a goalie at a World Cup match. Despite his record-breaking performance, USA lost to Belgium by 2×1 and was out of the World Cup.


Robben, Netherlands’s best player, admitted diving in the penalty area during the first half of the game between the Netherlands and Mexico. Netherlands won the match by 2×1.


James, the 22 years old striker for Columbia became a World Cup sensation by scoring 5 goals during the tournament.


Miroslav Klose celebrated his 15th World Cup goal with a somersault during the match against Ghana. Later he scored another goal at a match against Brazil to become the player with most number of goals in the World Cup matches with 16, surpassing the previous record by Brazil’s Ronaldo how has 15 goals.


Zuniga, the Colombian player who broke Neymar’s back with a kick with his knee.


World Cup semi-final match: Germany 7 x Brazil 1. No comment is necessary.


Netherlands lost to Argentina, in the penalty kicks, in the semi-finals match.


For much humiliation, Spain, the defending World Cup champion, was outed in the first-round. Spain’s poor campaign included a painful loss to the Netherlands by 4×1 in their World Cup opener game.


Italy was outed from the World Cup when they lost to Uruguay by 1×0 in the last game of the first round. During the match, Italy’s  Giorgio Chiellini was bitten by Uruguay’s Luis Suarez in a bizarre incident.


Wayne Rooney’s England was outed in the first round.


USA almost made a World Cup history by almost beating Portugal in the first round match. They conceded a goal in the last second of the match. The final score was USA 2 x Portugal 2.


Quarter finalist in the 2002 World Cup, Korea had a very disappointing World Cup appearance. 1 tie and 2 losses including 2×4 loss against Algeria.


Ecuador was outed in the first round.


Switzerland lost against Argentina in the second round. 


FIFA, the powerful governing body of the World Cup is infamous for series of serious allegations of corruption charges and organized crimes.